Truthmaker Semantics is a new philosophical approach to questions about meaning, with applications in logic and philosophy of language.

Truthmaker semantics has roots in the situation semantics of Barwise and Perry and, going back further, in the logical  atomism of Russell and Wittgenstein. Both deal in worldly entities — situations, facts, or states of affairs — more specific than entire possible worlds. 

The defining feature of truthmaker semantics is its exact treatment of conjunction, on which conjunction-truthmakers differ from conjunct-truthmakers. The former are fusions of the latter. This feature was noticed by van Fraassen (1969) and built into a metaphysical theory by Rodriguez-Pereyra (2005).

Truthmaker semantics proper begins with Kit Fine’s semantics for counterfactuals (2012), intuitionistic logic (2013), and the  logic of containment (2016). Fine’s theory of content (2017a, 2017b) provides an analysis of propositions, subject matter,  and partial content.

latest publications

The Truthmaker Account of Propositions 

Mark Jago

in Routledge Handbook of Propositions, 2020

Logic for Exact Entailment

Kit Fine and Mark Jago

Review of Symbolic Logic, 2019

Truthmaker Semantics for Modals 

Friederike Moltmann

to appear in Philosophical Issues: Philosophy of Logic and Inferential Reasoning, ed. C.F. Juhl and J. Schechter, 2019

Variable Objects and Truth-Making

Friederike Moltmann

in Metaphysics, Meaning, and Modality: Themes from Kit Fine, ed. M. Dumitru, Oxford University Press, 2019

news & events

2019 Hamburg Summer School on Truthmaker Semantics

The Phlox Research Group at Hamburg University is delighted to announce the 2019 Hamburg Summer School on Truthmaker Semantics, to take place July 22-26 at the University of Hamburg. The Summer School will be taught by Kit Fine (NYU), Mark Jago (Nottingham), Johannes Korbmacher (Utrecht), Stephan Krämer (Hamburg), and Friederike Moltmann (Paris, NYU).